Thri-Kreen Monk


Player: Mark Rounding
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 102lb.
Handed: Right
Looks: One of the few black Thri-Kreen, scarred with the wounds of many battles. Seemingly to be a giant, but in the strange new world cannot find sutible
Personality: After the killing of his battle brothers has never been able to fully return into society. Now surrounded by numerous strange species will rarely talk. Wise beyond his years and with the strength of many Thri-Kreen warriors, knows when to fight and when to retreat, but will never hesitate to kill.
Background: The leader of a Thri-kreen Army, was banned from the colony for false accusations of savagely massacring the soldiers under his command. Sent to the strange land of Daeland to search for redemption and the strange dwarf that killed his closest friends.
Race: Thri-kreen
Class: Monk (lvl 12)
Character lvl: 14
Experience: 71,121 (91,000)
Speed: 80 ft.
Size: Medium
Languages: Common, Thri- kreen, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, Halfling.
Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Religion: Zuoken
Str.20 (5)
Dex.18 (
Con.16 (4)
Int.8 (-1)
Wis.19 (
Cha.6 (-2)
Base Attack bonus: 9/4
Fortitude save: 12 (8con)
Reflex save: 13 (8dex)
Will save: 13 (8wis)
Gold: 899550gp
Carrying Capacity: Light: 116lb., Medium: 117-233lb., Heavy: 234-350lb.
Carrying: 30lb
HP: 120 (153)
AC: 21 (10+dex+2natural+wis)
Power points: 1 per day


Weapons Equipped:
Fists – 15, 2D65

Fist – 2D6
2 Sai (backpack) – 1D4, cirt. X2, Range: 10Ft. 1lb. Bludgeoning

Monk’s outfit – 2 lb. (loose shirt, and pants, sash (ten Ft. robe), 4 pouches (0 used), sandles)
Backpack (limit 100 lb.) – 2 lb. (26 lb.)
Waterskin(backpack) – 4 lb.
7 day’s rations(backpack) – 6 lb.
Bedroll(backpack) – 5 lb.
Grappling hook (backpack) – 4lbs
Torch (backpack) – 1lbs
2 Flasks of oil (backpack) – 5lbs
Amulet of Giant Fists (backpack) – 2 lb.

Balance – rank 4, dex
Concentration – Rank 2, Con.
Handle animal (cc) – Rank 2, Cha.
Jump – Rank 2, Str.
Move silently – Rank 4, Dex.
Spot – Rank 5, Wis.
Climb (cc)- Rank 1, Str.
Escape artist – Rank 3, Dex
Swim – rank 4, str
Seach – rank 4, int
Listen – rank 4, wis
Tumble – rank 4, dex

Stunning Fist
Improved Unarmed Strike
Deflect Arrows
- Snatch Arrows
Weapon Proficiency – Club, Crossbow(Light And Heavy), Dagger, Hand axe, Javelin, Kama, Nunkucku, Quarterstaff, sai, shuriken, siangham, sling
Spring attack
Improved grapple
Iron will*2
Great fortitude
Two-Weapon fighting
Weapon focus (bite)
Power Attack

Fast movement
Still mind
Ki strike (lawful,magic)
Purity of body (immune to diseases)
Wholeness of body
Improved evasion
Slow fall 60 feet
Damage reduction 1/silver
Ki strike (lawful)
Diamond body (immune to poison)
Abundant step (cast dimension door once per day)

Other information:
380 hours of Studying
+1 arcane spellcasting

Psi-like Abilities:
Chameleon 3/day
Know Direction 3/day
Psionic Displacement 1/day
Metapyhsical Claw 1/day

Mark’s Soul
Stolen by the trio



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