Iggy Baluza

Lizardfolk Druid


Player: Mark Rounding
Gender: male
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 200lbs.
Handed: right
Race: lizardfolk
Class: humanoid(lvl 2) druid (lvl 8) (Character lvl10)
experience: 45000(55000) Speed: 30 ft Size: Medium Languages: common, Draconic Literate: common, Draconic Alignment: chaotic good Religion: Stats: Str: 15 (2) Dex:14 (2) Con:15 (2) Int:12 (1)
Wis:17 (3) Cha:10 (0)
HP: 54/23 Base attack bonus: +7/
2 AC: 17 [10 2(dex) + 5(natural)] Touch AC: 12 Flat footed AC: 15 Fortitudes save: +9 Reflex save: +9 Will save: +10 Initiative: +2 Weapons equipped: 2x Claws +9 20/x2 d42 slashing Bite 9 20/x2 d42 piercing, bludgeoning and slashing Master work scythe 12 20/x4 2d43 slashing or piercing Armor worn: – Money: pp: gp: 1021 sp: 4 cp: Gear: Adventurer’s clothes Backpack Flint and steel Bedroll
Waterskin 2xbelt pouches spell component pouch 10 days rations Crappy piece of carpet (0gp) 7 lbs Piece of silk (10gp) 3lbs of salt(15gp) quarterstaff envelope with 1000gp(magically sealed)
Weapon Proficiency (all simple, scythe) Armor proficiency (shields)
Hold breath Self – sufficient Skills:
jump 7 swim 8 balance 7
handle animal 4 spot 3 Spells known: Spells prepared:0:flare, guidance, read magic, detect magic, resistance, resistance.1:cure light wounds, cure light wounds, obscuring mists, produce flame. 2:bulls strength, flame blade, hold animal. 3:cure moderate wounds, cure moderate wounds. 4:cure serious wounds, ice storm Spell failure: Other Information: Class specials: Animal companion Nature sense Wild empathy Woodland stride Trackless step Resists natures lure Wild shape (1/day) Wild shape (2/day) Wild shape (3/day) Wild shape large animal Mission notes: stop riots


Iggy Baluza

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