Verdad Sola

Changling Bard


Verdad Sola was born in the poorest area of Varna in the Eldeen Reaches. His mother was one of the “entertainers” for travelers. Verdad’s father was just a passing sailor and never knew he existed, his mother tried her best to raise Verdad alone but from an early age she knew he was different. He could take on the looks and personalities of people around him and seemed to make a game out of it, seeing how long he could be someone else without getting caught. As well as annoying the local population these games built up Verdad’s skill at performing and improving. He learned to use these skills at the tavern his mother worked at and his act was soon known throughout the Eldeen Reaches. This proved to be both his making and his undoing. More and more people flocked to see him perform but other Changelings got tired of the attention he was bringing to their race as a whole. Before long a group of Passers attacked Verdad and burned down the tavern. They of course took the guise of a group of thugs, whom the druids searched for and punished but Verdad knew who had destroyed his life, killed his mother and left him for dead floating in Lake Galifar. His hatred for other Changelings grew to be all he cared about. His only joy was in the hunt of his mother’s murders. He wanders now using bardic skills to search for Changelings. Collecting rings as he goes, always looking for the one his mother wore with the Traveler’s symbol and the words “Single Truth” inscribed on the band.

Other names: Una Verdad, (black human) Oaha Npabaa, Eanhctbehhar Npabaa, Enie Wahrheit, Einzeine Wahrheit, (young elf) Une Verite, Verite Simple, (human woman) Uma Verdade, Verdade Unica

Player: Michael Davidson
Age: 21
Gender: mostly male
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 175 lb.
Handed: Right
Race: Changling
Class: Bard (lvl 2)
Experience: 1250 (3000)
Speed: 30 ft.
Size: Medium
Languages: Common, Auran, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling
Literate: Common
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Religion: Traveler
Str.17 (3)
Dex.20 (
Con.16 (3)
Int.19 (
Wis.12 (1)
Cha.23 (
Base Attack bonus: 1
Fortitude save: +3 (0
Reflex save: 8 (3dex)
Will save: 4 (3wis)
Gold: 606gp
Carrying Capacity: light 86 lb. medium 87-173 lb. heavy 174-260 lb. drag – 1050lb.
Carrying: 86 lb.
HP: 15 (15)(6)
AC: 17 (10+2 armour+5 dex)
Initiative: +5 (dex)
Spells per day: 0-3, 1-2

Leather – +2 AC, 15 lb., 10% failure

Weapons Equipped:
3 Darts (belt sheathes) – 5, 1D43, X2, .5 lb. piercing, range 20ft
6 Daggers (belt sheathes) – 3 (5 throwing), 1D4+3, 19-20/X2, 1 lb. piercing/slashing, range 10ft

Longsword (backpack) – 3, 1D83, 19-20/X2, 6 lb. slashing
Short sword (backpack) – 3, 1D63, 19-20/X2, 2 lb. piercing
Short sword (backpack) – 3, 1D63, 19-20/X2, 2 lb. piercing
Shortbow (backpack) – +5, 1D6, X3, 2 lb. piercing, range 60ft

Belt – 12.5 lb. (3 sheathes (empty), 2 pouches, holding places for daggers and darts)
2 bags of caltrops (belt pouches) – 4 lb.
Backpack (100 lb. max) – 68.5 lb.
100 arrows (backpack) – 15 lb.
Bedroll (backpack) – 5 lb.
Flint and steel (backpack)
Vial of ink (backpack)
Ink pen (backpack)
Waterskin (backpack) – 4 lb.
Spade (backpack) – 8 lb.
50ft silk rope (backpack) – 5 lb.
10 candles (backpack)
10 torches (backpack) – 10 lb.
bottle of fine wine (backpack) – 1.5 lb.
Entertainer’s outfit (backpack) – 4 lb.
10 pieces chalk (backpack)
Peasant’s outfit (backpack) – 2 lb.
2 dice (backpack)
Traveler’s outfit (wearing) – 5 lb.

Bluff – Rank 5, cha, +2
Diplomacy – Rank 5, cha, +4
Disguise – Rank 5, cha, +2
Gather Information – Rank 5, cha
Intimidate – Rank 5, cha, +4
Listen – Rank 5, wis
Perform (improv) – Rank 5, cha
Search (cc) – Rank 2, wis
Sense Motive – Rank 5, wis, +2
Spot (cc) – Rank 2, wis
Knowledge (history) – Rank 2, int, +2

Weapon proficiency (All simple, longsword, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow and whip)
Armour proficiency (light)
Dodge (+1 AC against selected target)

Special abilities:
Bardic music
Countersong (counter spell with sound component)
Fascinate (person becomes focused on me)
Inspire courage 1 (1 saves against charm and fear, +1 attacks and damage)
Bardic Knowledge (randomly know things)
Natural Linguist
Minor Change Shape (disguise self spell at will)

Level 0 – Resistance, Message, Ghost Sound, Flare, Mage Hand
Level 1 – Summon Monster I, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter


Verdad Sola

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