Human Monk


Player: Michael Davidson
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Height: 5’5’
Weight: 170lb.
Handed: Right
Race: Human
Class: Monk (lvl 16)
Experience: 123.575xp
Speed: 90 ft.
Size: Medium
Languages: Common, Elven, Orcish, Dwarven
Literate: Common, Elven, Orcish, Dwarven
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Religion: St. Cuthbert
Str.23 (6)
Dex.20 (
Con.16 (3)
Int.16 (
Wis.18 (4)
Cha.12 (
Base Attack bonus: 12/7/2
Fortitude save: +15 (10
Reflex save: 16 (10dex+2)
Will save: 16 (10wis+2)
Gold: 38pp 520gp
HP: 146
AC: 24 (10+4 wis+5 dex+3 monk+1 dodge+1 natural)
Initiative: +5 (dex)
Spell Resistance: 28
Corruption: 5

Magic Unarmed Adamantine attack of the Law – 19, 3D126, X2
Flurry of Blows – 19/19/19/14/9
Flaming Composite (
5 Str) Longbow – 17, 1D65+1D6 fire, X3

Monk’s Robes
Monk’s Belt
Boots of Striding and Springing
Cloak of Resistance +2
Chime of Opening (9 uses)
Necklace of +1 Natural Armour
Silver Ank
Bronze Key
Treasure Map
Oil Lamp
1600pp (solid bars)
Moonfriend Silver Ring
Vial of Acid
2 flasks of Alchemist’s Fire
95 tinder twigs
2 Sunrods
2 Thunderstones
10 vials of ipecac
Larva in a jar
Lizard Tail in a jar
18 Lizard Eggs in a jar (180gp)
Blur potion
Endure Elements potion
2 Magic Fang potions
2 Shield of Faith +3 potions
Goggles of Minute Seeing
7 silver arrows
10 cold iron arrows
100 arrows
Ring of Spell Storing (shield, mage armour, fist of stone)
Map of Ravenloft
Trapped Broach
2 silver armbands
Effreti Bottle

Climb – +15, Rank 9, str
Handle Animal – +7, Rank 6, cha
Jump – +20, Rank 9, str, +5
Knowledge (local) – +11, Rank 8, int
Knowledge (nature) – +10, Rank 7, int,
Knowledge (religion) – +11, Rank 8, int,
Listen – +22, Rank 18, wis,
Scribe – +4, Rank 1, int
Search – +28, Rank 19, wis, +5
Spot – +23, Rank 19, wis,
Survival – +9, Rank 5, wis,
Swim – +12, Rank 6,str
Tumble – +19, Rank 14, dex
Escape Artist – +20, Rank 15, dex

Improved Unarmed Strike
Improved Grapple
Deflect Arrows
Improved Disarm
Spring Attack
Improved Natural Attack (MM p302)
Weapon Focus (unarmed strike)
Overwhelming Assualt

Special abilities:
Evasion (avoid all damage)
Still Mind (+2 against enchantments)
Ki Strike (magic, law and admantine)
Flurry of Blows
Greater Flurry
Slow Fall 80ft
Purity of Body (immune to disease)
Wholeness of Body (heal 22hp per day)
Improved Evasion (half damage on failed save)
Diamond Body (immune to poison)
Abundant Step (dimension door 1/day)
Diamond Soul
Swollen Lips (can’t cast Arcane spells)
Quivering Palm (1/week, Fort DC 23)

Other information:
Funded a church of Pelor and St. Cuthbert in Borovia.
No memory of the past, the mist seems to remove his memories.


Hero of Borovia, Slayer of Stradd, Cleanser of Creening


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