A large continent located north of the Dragon Island and Daeland.

Important locations

The southwest portion of Catti is the massive Empire. It’s desert sands hold treasures beyond believe, and just as many dangers. The Empire hosts the largest army in Catti (possibly the world) but the Fist has set a path of peace… which is constantly threatened by underlying unrest and barely held back civil war. The Desert Wind tribe are the current leaders of the Empire, with the Fist as the absent ruler for the last 200 years.

Three kingdoms make up the central area of Catti. The southern-most of which is Camshire. Led by a Holy Emperor, the Imperial Kingdom of Camshire has two faces. On the outside the Imperial Legions are formidable walls of well disciplined shields and spears backed by artillery and auxiliary troops. The elected (yet corrupt) senate holds all the real power within Camshire, while the Holy Emperor commands the Legions and Religious aspects of the country. On the other hand the country is held together by blood and money, in equal shares and both as a form of currency in a way. Slavery is practiced in Camshire (as it used to be in the Empire) and common folk and nobility alike are entertained by gladiator events in the coliseums around the kingdom. Of note is that in Camshire only platinum or Imperial coins can be openly traded, coins from other lands are not officially accepted currency, and therefore only worth their full value to certain buyers.

The centre kingdom are the knights of Zorn. Zorn is less of a kingdom and more a number of fiefdoms in one area and normally seeking the same larger goals. Which mainly includes protecting their lands from threats on all sides. To the north they are in a constant off-and-on war with Weiss. To the west is the great Empire and it’s massive, mysterious armies and strange wandering monsters. To the south is a paper-thin peace treaty with the Imperials of Camshire. Finally to the east is the lake of sorrow and the Island of Justice. The lake itself, while a natural barrier to invading armies, is still full of danger and monsters coming from the lake, the island, or the forest beyond. The knights who protect Zorn from all sides are also it’s nobility, and each must pledge allegiance to a knightly order and so the political stability of the kingdom is always in flux depending which order has the most sway at the moment. Most knightly orders can be found represented in Zorn in one way or another, either openly or in secret.

The kingdom of Weiss lies to the north of Zorn. here King Pendragon and his Knights of the Great Table, rule and protect the land. They are in an almost constant war with Zorn but the land remains mostly peaceful, the people live in fiefdoms which mostly rule themselves except if called on by the King or threatened by invaders or supernatural powers. It is a mystical lands of heroes and quests. Knights take their place by right of birth but must earn their respect through deeds. There are twelve seats at the Great Table and the twelve greatest knights of Weiss rule with Pendragon from there, however the table is almost never full as many of the knights are always off questing in near or far lands. On the rarest occasions Pendragon will call back all of the Round Table to undertake the greatest of quests, which create the greatest tales of myth and legends.

North still of Weiss lie the Plains of Solitude. On either end of the plains is a city state, Junction City to the east on the lake of sorrow and Westport on the west along the ocean. Each of these cities has no roads to connect it to another location by land but deal almost exclusively by water. And everything in between is a mystery, a land of quests and myths where only the brave or foolish travel and none can confirm the stories that come back.

North still from the plains of solitude is the Mountains of Mist and Delve Deep, the home of the dwarves of Catti. The dwarves here are similar to dwarves of other lands and the secrets of the mountains are closely guarded.

Up past the Mountains of Mist, following the River of Mist is Treant Forest. Treant Forest includes the areas around it to the far north, the Halfling Shire, Hoggsmead, The Vale, Lake Ent and Valyn. Treant Forest itself is a misnomer, there are no treants in the forest, in fact the forest is dangerous but only to the lowest of adventurers and common folk. The forest was named such by the halflings who live nearby to the west. The halfling shire is, as one would guess, the rather peaceful home of the halflings, they are safeguarded on all sides, to the south by the dwarves, the west by the ocean, the east by the elves and the north by the Vale, although they know little (if anything) about any of their protectors. Hoggsmead is a human village to the east of the forest, the village considers itself dark and full of mystery! It isn’t. The most dangerous thing is the gatekeeper who has to fight off the occasional rabid dog. The Vale is north of the forest, it is a wild land where rangers and wizards train in pairs, once together these pairs stay together for life, often falling in love in addition to a connection they already share in their souls, like two parts of one being. No one from the shire or Hoggsmead has been to the Vale and they look on visitors from there are being the bringers of danger instead of the protectors from it. Lake Ent is the mystical lake at the end of the River of Mist and it’s water is said to have healing properties. Hidden deep in the woods near the lake is Valyn, a home of elves who wish to live separate even from the other elves of Evervale Forest.

To the east of the River of Mist, the mountains continue under the name the Razor Spine Mountains. These mountains have not been tamed by the dwarves, or at least by any dwarves recently though ruins of ancient dwarven kingdom of Torin stretches out under the great mountain range. Now giants and other savage creatures call these dangerous mountains home and look poorly on any who would try to venture through their domain, either just to cross or to reach the dungeons deep beneath.

South of the Razor Spine Mountains yet still north of the Faraway Mountains are the City States. Each city state rules itself with it’s own customs and traditions but they tend to generally share the same technology and warfare tactics, although each uses it in different ways. The city states follow the Olympic Pantheon for the most part and the kings of the city states are great heroes who are often travelling the world on grand quests which become known as legends and myths across the world.

The Faraway Mountains cut the Evervale Forest in half to connect with the other two mountain ranges at a point and seperate the city states from Fife, and Fife from the rest of the world. Mount Olympus is rumoured to be in the Faraway Mountains as well as many other mythical shrines and locations. The Faraway Mountains have strong mystical power, perhaps put in place by the gods and prevents magical movement in or near the mountain range. South of the Faraway Mountains is the Imperial Kingdom of Camshire.

The kingdom of Fife is a small kingdom in size but large in importance. It is locked in by the Faraway Mountains and other small fiefdoms around it on all sides except the east, which is against the sea.

The centre of Catti is Evervale Forest. This large forest is a last bastion of hope for the elves who have been driven to what everyone thought was extinction during the Purge. Elves of all kinds live in the forest in different areas and plan to never again interfere with lesser mortal races for they are barbaric and untrustworthy. The forest is a dangerous place full of wandering monsters and strange magic. And the elves do little to get rid of this danger, many of them choose to even add to it. In the forest is Lake Manthyr and to the west of the forest is the Lake of Sorrow.

The Lake of Sorrow is along the eastern border of Weiss, Zorn and Camshire and the western border of Evervale Forest. The lake itself is home to many sea monsters and treacherous creatures, it’s depths hold many treasures, stolen from the people of the lands around the lake. The water of the lake should be calm considering it is almost entirely land locked but it is far from it. What may seem like a peaceful and safe day of sailing from the shore will quickly become a terrible storm with no sight of land once out on the water. It is as if the water itself wishes to see doom come to those who try to tame it. And at the centre of all this danger is the Island of Justice. The Island is an ancient dungeon build by an elder race in times beyond memory and it serves as the final judgement on those deemed to dangerous to be allowed to live in society. Prisoners are forced to climb the mountainous terrain of the island and if that doesn’t kill them they are kicked into the pit at the top where they fall to the depths below. Those who survive the fall are left with two options, learn to survive in the horrors of the dungeon, and eventually become one of them, or die trying. None have ever found a way to escape the Island.


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