A small continent of great importance, Daeland, only has two major cities but it is also a land with much history. It was here that the Crab became a god. It was here that Wastri and Grummsh fell. It was here the tarrasque last awoke. And it was here that our tale began.

Major cities:
King’s Port – King’s Port as a city half an extension of the Empire and half a corrupt, dirty fortress. It is the largest port on Daeland and the largest city in the South half of the land. King’s Port holds no power over the other cities, or even responsibility for them; it was named King’s Port back when there was a king of Daeland. And the people there whisper that one day a king will return and he (or she) shall first make his mark in King’s Port. The city had a large number of lepers until Johnny Fatass and the Crab arrived put them to work building a grand coliseum. The coliseum was completed but never opened and Johnny and the Crab never came back, now were the lepers ever seen again.
*Note: this is the Coliseum Crab and Johnny used to house a great battle of demi-gods and demon lords in Erythnul’s name and where Crab got his divine spark. The lepers, among others, were slaughtered during the grand melee.
King’s Port was the first human city to ally with the orcs against the elves during the purge. This action led to almost all humans siding with the orcs. The orcs offered protection, in turn only for not granting the elves any help when they asked for it, while the elves, who had been killing hunters in the woods for years had shown up with an army at King’s Port’s gates demanding the city surrender it’s loyalties. While the decision seemed wrong to everyone involved there is no doubt the orcs had the cities immediate interests in mind while the elves had never been friendly and in fact had made life harder for all humans in the south for generations. In the end the Crab destroyed the elf army because it was in his way as he wished to go for a walk out the gates.
Saltmarsh – Saltmarsh has always had a rich history full of magical and wonderful stories. It is separated from the Forever Forest by a large marsh. The town caters to pirates, sailors, merchants and traders of all kinds. Content Not Found: pyro-jules was mayor of Saltmarsh for many years, he took the city through it’s orc occupation, built up it’s own militia, and defended it from the tarrasque. He committed the city to the Crab who has made Frog Park into his personal domain.
The city hasn’t changed much over the years. It is still run by a rocky alliance between the mayor’s militia (now called Jewels in honour of their founder) and the Assassin’s Guild (which operates from Saltmarsh all over Daeland and sometimes further.) It still caters to seafaring folk. But the biggest change is it no longer has poor or religious sectors. Where once there was a row of grand temples, now there are buildings of science and communal use, where magic, theatre and other arts are studied for practical uses and entertainment. If Saltmarsh were in a more fertile land it might indeed be a wonder to behold. As it is the city benefits from these great works, social projects, the dock’s income, and the Crab’s protection, but it is self contained for the most part and while the people are happy and none could be called poor few could also be called rich and they do not have the more lavish things that one might expect from such a scientifically, magically, and culturally advanced city.

Gromshold – Many years ago this town was the site of many great events. It was protected by a Paladin called Captain Dermoor. Dermoor was killed by the Crab who declared himself the new protector of the town. A small city with only one road, one tavern, one mansion (Captain Dermoor’s), one general store, one blacksmith, a few houses and one ranger who hunted for the town’s food. Now the years have been kind to Gromshold. Because of Johnny’s protection it was the last line of defence against the undead invasion. Everything East of Gromshold was destroyed by the undead. Many heroes flocked to Gromshold to follow in the footsteps of the famous adventurers. And many people having no homes to return to also settled in Gromshold.
Oldshome – Abandonned city. On the ruins of it’s town hall Johnny faced and destroyed the vampire count that had started the undead invasion on Daeland. This city’s ruins lie on the only road leading up the eastern side of the white mountains and the only “safe” path between the mountains and the ocean on the East of Daeland.
Losston – Small village in the South
Stoutham – Small village in the South, destroyed

Great Plains – Home to the orcs of Daeland. The Great Plains cover the majority of Daeland, most of which used to be taken up by the Forever Forest but has been cut down by the plains orcs and replaced by their villages and camps. The plains themselves are constantly divided and redivided into territory of different warlords. No warlord has been able to unite the Great Plains orcs since the Purge. If anyone ever did, by sheer numbers and warrior life-style the orcs would be able to launch out from Daeland and take their evil ways to the rest of the world.
Forever Forest – The forest once covered all of Daeland but over generations it has been pushed back until now it is a dark forest filled with husks of trees and evil mutations of the creatures that once were proud to call it home. The forest once held the most elves in the world, but now it barely covers a third of Daeland to the far north.
White Mountains – This mountain range separates the top two thirds of Daeland from the south. A road was built on either side of the mountains, on the West passing down toward King’s Port and on the East a more narrow pass leading through Oldshome.


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