The world is full of deities, deities for almost every aspect of life. Many are spirits who come into existence to fill certain rules, others are granted divine sparks by the Elder gods and either given (or in rare cases take) divine power. Most of these deities get their strength from worship and followers who believe in them. The deities are broken up into Demi-gods, Lesser, Intermediate and Greater deities, others, dead gods and Elder gods. The deities rule from different pantheons, an alliance maintained by the heads of the pantheons, Greater Deities of immense power that keep the deities within their own pantheon in line.

There are countless deities throughout history and written mythology. Many have been accounted for here but many have also been left out, of note being the angels and demons of Sanctuary, gods from many other fantasy worlds including Tolkien, the thousands of lesser gods from some of the included pantheons, the named spirits and demons from various mythologies, Celtic gods for which not enough information exists to make them separate from the dozens of similar gods already included. The gods chosen to be on this list have all been officially recognized as deities in one of the main D&D renditions, they have also been narrowed down from that by combining some gods and even some whole pantheons. The list below may still be combined to some extent but as it is represents all possible deities and most creatures of deity-like power that exist in the Legacy of War.

Pantheons – Heads

Demi-gods are mortals who have been given the divine spark.

Lesser Deities are gods with limited power.

Intermediate Deities are gods who wield great power.

Greater Deities are gods that have near limitless power.

Other immortals are creatures that wield as much (or even more) power than the gods but do not have a divine spark.

Dead gods are immortals who have had their existence stolen from them.

Elder gods, gods is almost the wrong word for these beings, they are sometimes referred to as the Old Ones. They exist outside of time and space, beyond the multiverse and the Great Wheel. Very few even know of the Elder gods existence and even fewer ever speak of them. Even of what is known it is often little more than a name or an idea.


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