Fife is a land rife with myths of great power and prophecies of destiny. What follows is an accounting of what came of Fife. Beneath that you may read Anstruther’s Prophecy and see for yourself how destiny was changed.

True to Anstruther’s word the dark sorcerer Zargothrax did attack Dundee. Re led an army of undead unicorns across the silvery Tay and he slew the people of Fife’s capital. Price McFife led a group of six to hunt down Zargothrax and make him pay for the evil he had brought to their city. But from there things begin to stray…

McFife first looked for help from the elves of Glenrothes Forest, they gave little aid in return for the removal of a banshee from their lands. Than he travelled to the Unknown Valley and found the village of wizards who gave him a magic scroll with which to control the mighty dragon. McFife then journeyed to the Faraway mountains but his companions sought out and reclaimed the Hammer of Glory. McFife was not worthy to wield it, though none of his companions had a heart pure of steel with which to unleash the hammer’s might. McFife found the warriors of Crail, who would only follow him if he were to tame the dragon. It is at this point all hope is lost, for to summon the dragon one must first face the demon of mirror and flame. McFife fell to the demon and the land fell to darkness under Zargothrax rule.

To survive the people of Fife did terrible things: the Hammer of Glory has been lost, along with the Dragonscroll and the Amulet of Justice, the warriors of Unst became lycanthropes, killing their own if they could not control the blood rage of the curse. The warriors of Crail have fallen from their place as the kingdom’s undefeatable defenders. The elves of Glenrothes traded their long lives to the demon Palrathee for protection. Lac Lanoc has dried up and it’s resources stolen to build a gate to Hell. The town of Tol’Kenross has been deserted and the land around it is now the feeding ground of dinosaurs. And somewhere in the land an army of metal creatures is building itself, stripping the land bare of all metals.

In recent years things have begun to look up for Fife again however. Jovac, the demon inhabiting Glenrothes forest has been removed. Although Palrathee, the demon the Elf King made a deal with to protect his lands has returned to the elf throne, so not all is well yet. The dinosaurs have been driven from Tol’Kenross. The Hammer of glory was reclaimed and the soul, mind and body of Angus McFife were reunited! He explained that Zargothrax made a deal with devils that they could have the souls of any mortals that died in Fife and set up gates to their realms, in return for power. But when McFife died Zargothrax believed him to powerful to let the devils take whole and split him into three parts, his mind becoming a ragewind protecting the Hammer of Glory, his soul being lost to the Chaos of Limbo and becoming the demon known as Jojo and his body trapped within the Hammer itself. And I believe more is yet to change before the adventurers who landed here are finished.

The Mycanids in Glenrothes forest have decided it is best to split off and go their separate ways. What came of the Mycanids is hard to tell but they thrive now in and around the forest. The Mindgrowths are still trapped inside their hall, gathering what knowledge they can. The Trees of Life stay in the old elven treehouses, living in peace with the Forest Protectors who fly around on giant bats. Christian’s Militia have moved away from the forest but not far. They still train in the surrounding fields and focus on settling the area with military might as their protection. The Shadowshrooms have begun a hunt through the dark places in the forest, they seek to destroy the Rotten Hearts. The Rotten Hearts have grown deep and close underneath the forest, the tunnels below are far reaching and the Rotten Hearts rely on each other for strength to survive it’s dangers.

The Werewolves of Unst have begun to rebuild and resettle. There aren’t many people left in Fife but the Warriors will help who they can. Facto El Crusado has taken the role of Hootsman, the leader of Unst.

Crail also has a new leader, Thrarr has promised to lead them until he is able to find a way into the Abyss. And the warriors of Crail have promised to follow him right into it’s deepest pits.

Fife has been left without a king, without a tyrannical ruler. It’s people learned to adapt to evil, than learned to become armies, and now they must learn to live peacefully again. As the darkness lifts on Fife it is now a land ready to be rebuilt.

Anstruther’s Dark Prophecy

Glenrothes Forest


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