Handling Death

Once a character dies their alignment determines which plane they go in the after life unless they serve a deity, in which case the deities’ plane will be their final resting place.

Lawful Good – Seven mounting Heavens of Celestia
Neutral Good – Blessed Fields of Elysium
Chaotic Good – Olympian Glades of Arborea
Lawful Neutral – Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus
Neutral – Concordant Domain of the Outlands
Chaotic Neutral – Ever-changing Chaos of Limbo
Lawful Evil – Nine Hells of Baator
Neutral Evil – Gray Waste of Hades
Chaotic Evil – Infinite Layers of the Abyss

Abyss – Lolth
Acheron – Erythnul
Arboria – Yondalla
Arcadia – Corellon
Baator (Hell) – Tiamat
Beastlands – Ehlona, Kandish, Dennari
Bytopia – Garl
Carceri – Nerull
Celestia – Bahamut, Heironeous
Elysium – Pelor
Gehenna – Kurtulmak
Grey wastes (Hades) – Hextor
Limbo – Vecna, Olidammara
Mechanus – Moradin, St. Cuthbert
Outlands – Boccob, Obad-Hai, Fharlanghn
Pandemonium – Wee Jas
Ysgard – Kord, Grummsh
Ethereal – Taiia
Positive energy plane – Elishar
Negative energy plane – Toldoth

Certain deaths leave the character as something else and will be very specific, the DM will know of these and apply them where necessary.

When a character dies the player will most likely be asked to create a new character one level lower than the character that died. However if the story permits the character to somehow be returned this may also occur, or if the party is high enough level to return the character to life. Often this will involve a brief encounter in the afterlife. Some exceptional circumstances with exceptional characters will involve the character finding their own way out of the death and back to the material plane.

Handling Death

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