The Empire

The Empire is one of the largest kingdoms in the world. It boasts the most powerful navy and thus has the most trade, it also trades in many rare spices, gems and other things that can only be found in the Waste. The expansive desert in which some of the Empire’s people live. 90% of the population of the Empire live in cities along it’s borders. Travel around the Empire relies on it’s Touchstones, which each provide mystic benefits in addition to being able to being teleported to by any person who has used the touchstone before.

The Empire consists of twelve tribes, each tribe has it’s own way of life. In 7 AoW a group of adventurers from Daeland arrived in the Empire. Among them was a monk who had given up his name. These adventurers were seeking the Nine Swords. One of the swords was in the possession of the leader of the Desert Wind tribe. Once the monk had defeated the tribe’s leader in one-on-one combat he realized he had accidentally become the new leader of the tribe. Now with this powerful force and a new name, the Fist, led the Desert Wind tribe to fulfil the prophecy and unite the tribes. He did this by waging war on the Capital, the tribe which ran all trade and communication with the outside world, keeping the other tribes poor and underfoot.

Now, 200 years later, the Empire is still united and yellow clad monks of the Way of the Fist can be seen in every village protecting the people and maintaining a fair society, upholding the values left for them by the Fist. But there is unrest, many do not believe the Fist’s guidelines to be a way of peace, but instead they believe the Fist was a man of action and they would have the Empire rise up and free all people from oppression. These new wave thinkers call themselves the Sons of the Fist. And where the Sons of the Fist and the Monks of the Fist clash there is rumours of a civil war stirring.

Way of the Fist:
“No man belongs to another man,
Every man owes it to himself to belong to every man.
Possessions matter not,
Every man has the right to defend what he needs to survive.
You are never perfect,
Every man is perfect as long as he is seeking perfection.
There is no justice in the world,
Every man must have justice in his heart.
There is no peace in the world,
Every man must have peace in his mind.
There is no death,
Every man must be willing to give his life for the greater good.”

Desert Wind tribe – nomads who used to live by raiding the other tribes. They prided themselves on their strength and their ability to control the “Northern Wind.” A powerful sand storm they used to travel hundreds of miles a day. The tribe believes in a strict code of “you keep what you kill.”

Shrine at Kahar
Sunken City of Pazar
Healing Water of Abu-Ima
Pyramid of Amun-Re (Pyramid of Pain)
Crypt of Badr Al-Mosak
City of the Dead
Salt Statuary
Eternal Breath of Seneferu
Well of Al-Sharaz
Vale of Dead Trees
Temple of Three
Womb of Kikanuti
Dusty Conclave
Blue Dragons’ Graveyard

The Empire

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