The Icerazer

Icerazer (Small City): iceracer.jpg
15,000 gp limit
Assets 4,350,000 gp
Population 5,800; Integrated (snow goblin 25%, tiefling 20%, human 17%, orc 6%, uldra 6%,
frost giant 5%, half-orc 5%, devil/half-fiend 4%, gnome 3%, half-elf 2%, dwarf 2%, elf 1%, halfling 1%, other 2%).
Authority Figures: The Fist
Other Notable Figures: Anoxiel, female white dragon great wyrm; Glorkakus, female winter hag rogue 8 (High Inquisitor of Icerazer Palace); Kurnayata, female elf wizard 10/frost
mage 5 (Justiciar of the Blood Palace); Irius, female frost folk wizard 13 (Lady of Icerazer Palace); Koriadak, male frost giant fighter 5 (Commander of the Axelords); Lazarel, male
ice devil (Harbormaster of Icerazer); Mordecai, male frost giant spiritspeaker (Commander of the Ice Palace Guard); Narlael, male tiefl ing cleric 8/thaumaturgist 5 (High Priest of the Cathedral of Levistus); Grimsickle, uldra rogue 12 (Magistrate of Icerazer); Tumakus, half-orc rogue 7/fighter 7 (Overseer of the Blood Palace); Uzradin, advanced 24-HD male winterspawn (Guardian of the Icerazer Boneyard).

Approximately half of the above-water surface of the iceberg is covered with low stone buildings; the remainder of the iceberg consists of rugged spires and jagged peaks. The
rim of the iceberg is surrounded by a precipitous drop of about 100 feet into the sea. Access to the city itself is difficult for nonflying creatures; ships moored in the Gash can raise and lower cargo and passengers via a series of lifts attached to wooden piers extending out over the gap high above.

The city itself is home to 5,800 creatures; the populace is comprised of a highly eclectic mix of races, but strife and infighting is surprisingly minimal. That is partially due to most inhabitants of Icerazer sharing the same religious beliefs, but more likely due to the presence of the Fist and his martial prowess. Snow goblins and cruel-hearted humans are used as slaves and servants by much of the city’s more powerful denizens. Icerazer has no real means of supporting itself; all the food and miscellaneous supplies needed by its denizens must be acquired from other locations. Given the temperament of the city’s citizens, it should come as no surprise that these supplies are gained through raids, although a certain amount of food, slaves, and other supplies are gained regularly through trade with various pirate vessels; this constitutes the only nonviolent method Icerazer seems capable of when it comes to securing supplies, unfortunately.

Azediel ruled Icerazer, but she left the majority of the daily details of administration to a hand-selected group of cultists known as the Ninerazers, a group of eight powerful cultists who are loyal to Azediel and the city of Icerazer itself; Azediel herself was the ninth (and most powerful) of the ruling Ninerazers. The Ninerazers are in turn served by two groups, the Razerwings and the Axelords. The Razerwings consist of a group of about 100 white abishai devils tasked with patrolling the skies above Icerazer, delivering messages between the various power groups in the city, and keeping an eye on the waters surrounding the city for approaching trouble. The Axelords consist of frost giants who patrol the streets of the city and insure that no problems arise.

The Icerazer

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