This is where you may find a timeline of important events that are generally regarded as common knowledge. The accepted world calendar uses ages timeline dates, each new age resets at 0 when it is accepted to have begun. AoP is for the Age of Peace. AoW is for the Age of War. The current age is the Age of Oppertunity. The scribe has included notes in parentheses that sometimes summarize the date or give other context.

213 AoP (It would appear to be nothing more than peanuts in the beginning. Small, simple, easily disregarded and tossed away. That’s all anyone would have said about these three. They were just Peanuts…) – Three travellers, Shadow, the Crab and Johnny Fatass, arrive in Gromshold. The Crab kills Captain Dermoor and declares himself and Johnny Fatass equal rulers and protectors of the town.
Around this same time wood elves begin infringing on human cities and picking off humans who stray too far from the safety of their walls. This leads to a distrust of the elves and eventually siding with the orcs in the Great War.

214 AoP – Crab, Johnny and Shadow go to Hades looking for their dead friend Arwen. They kill Cerberus and Crab kills a Pit Fiend General.
A great dragon destroys the town of Stoutham, Crab, Johnny and Shadow slay the dragon.
The Crab and Johnny take control of King’s Port’s Rogues Guild and start construction of a grand coliseum.

215 AoP – Undead ravage most of the southern half of Daeland. Johnny, Argof and Arwen manage to protect Gromshold, where their journey began.
The Crab disappears for a time.

220 AoP – This could be considered by many as the beginning, the Great War. The orcs and elves of Daeland had been fighting forever but the rules were clear, the humans controlled the cities and the seas, the dwarves controlled the mountains, the elves the forest and the orcs the plains. But once all out war broke out between the elves and orcs here, it spread everywhere. A war which we still feel the consequences of today. The history books call it the Great War, we call it the Purge. The orcs won, and all across the globe they hunted the elves without mercy, slaughtering any who would help hide the dying race. Until not a single elf remained… or so it seemed.
Johnny disappeared for a time.

221 AoP – The Island Daeland only has two towns worth knowing, King’s Port and Saltmarsh. In King’s Port nothing ever happened except trade with the Empire, minor corruption of government, and a grand battle to the death in honour of Erythnul in which the Crab and Johnny Fatass killed Orcus, an aspect of Demogorgon, Graz’zt’s son, the Champion of Neutrality, the Champion of Evil, and the Champion of Good along with the sacrifice of thousands of citizens. For all his great deeds and power the Crab was noticed and granted Divine Rank 0 by powers unknown, though Erythnul claims to have done this.

0 AoW (Birth of a God, Death of an Age) – Jewels is elected the mayor of Saltmarsh and makes it a thriving city. A vigilante is hunting him but Jewels eventually captures him and not wishing to kill such a strong willed individual, cuts off his leg. But the vigilante forces him into a showdown in the streets, making Jewels reveal himself as the notorious Pyro.
The Crab had been planning, waiting so long for an opportunity, he had surpassed all those around him in power so long ago, he needed a spark. The Purge had left many cities in very tight spots. One such city was the port town of Saltmarsh. Under the guidance of Pryo/Jewels Saltmarsh had flourished even with orc occupancy. This was not without cost however, many weaker races were dislodged from their homes or had their natural habitats destroyed. And the area was a festering pool of hatred. It could have been this hatred, it could have been the cries of thousands of oppressed bullywogs and the like, or it could have been that the Terrasque had woken from it’s slumber but it was at this time and place the god, Wastri made his last mistake. Jewels was able to defeat the Terrasque and send it back to it’s slumber. While the Crab took this opportunity to expand his power by stealing it from Wastri. Thus for the first time in a long time, a god died and the God of Hate was born.

7 AoW – Adventurers set out from Saltmarsh to collect the nine swords. The last remaining ones were located in the Empire. There a nameless monk became the leader of the Northern Wind tribe and took on the name, the Fist. He led the tribe in a civil war to unite all the tribes of the Empire. He and his companions were also able to secure the last of the nine swords and give them to the Crab. At which point the Fist disappeared. During this same time another set of adventurers were questing for the swords, what began as a group of 33 elves quickly led to Nialo the Cursed delivering the last swords to the Crab and vowing to never travel with companions again because of his curse, he was followed by Derprisha however.
Phillip was able to find a touchstone no one has ever discovered before and with it more gold than could ever be counted. The touchstone is destroyed and he the only person left alive linked to it.
The Fist disappeared for a time.

17 AoW – Seeking refuge from the war and trying to stay beyond Crab’s reach, Theor and Afost took 30 dwarves to the Dragon Isle and tried to settle in the World’s Largest Dungeon. They failed and all succumb to the were-rat curse that one of the brothers Grimm was infected with as he compiled his Monster Manual.

23 AoW (The gods of war fall and War rises in their place.) – Hextor and Heironious each choose five champions to do battle with each other as is their tradition. However this time the Crab arrives and cuts down both gods of war.

50 AoW – The gods have mostly gone into hiding. Short lived races like humans have begun to forget about them and temples are re-purposed into other uses.

200 AoW (Even eternal wars must end.) – The Fist returned to the Earth to find it in terrible shape.
A small group manages to infiltrate the Iceberg Palace and take it over in the name of the Fist.
The Fist himself arrives and battles the Crab’s champion, Shadow, in the material, ethereal and shadow planes. Managing to defeat him and avoid death by a fraction of a second. the Fist begins training disciples and founds the Yellow Order.

201 AoW – Pockets of elves seem to have survived the purge by hiding in their deepest secret places and have only recently come out of these hidden areas. What was once forgotten is returning.
Angus McFife fails to defend Fife and the land falls to darkness under Zargothrax reign.
The Dragon Cult tries to raise Tiamat. Tiamat is raised but a group of adventurers call on the gods for help, Crab responds and defeats Tiamat. Before he can kill the adventurers though the Norse pantheon arrives, declaring they have returned to the material plane for good and will hide no longer. Crab takes what is left of Tiamat and leaves.

221 AoW – A group of adventurers seek the fabled Hammer of Glory in the ruins of once great Fife.
Orc raids and presence has become noticeably quieter of late.
A group of mixed cultures from Catti went to the Dragon Island. Bahamat sacrificed himself to birth a new dragon god and keep IO asleep. All the other dragon gods were killed in their weakened states by the demi-god known as “Penny”.

225 AoW – The Kingdom of Weiss calls for heroes across it’s lands to accept a most important quest.
King Pendragon was assassinated and threw the country into civil war. Targon Fell found the crown and became the new king of Weiss. The Knights of Zorn claimed the southern half of the country and created an alliance with the Yellow Order.
A set of the six greatest adventurers in the world set off to find the Original Adventurers.

0 AoO – New gods have taken the mantel and replaced the old ways.

Summary: Hextor, Heironious, Grummsh, Wastri, Orcus, Bahamat, Astilabor, Chronepsis, Falazure, Garyx, Hlal, Lendys, Tamara are dead. Tiamat is presumed dead. The norse pantheon is prevalent. Elves are very rare. Clerics are rare but growing in popularity. Divine magic in general is rare. Crab, God of Hate is an additional deity. The Cult of the Fist is a growing underground organization that basically stands for mortals protecting each other no matter what the gods do. Orcs have been oddly quite of late.


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