To Heaven and Back

In the beginning, Knom had been no one of consequence, his family were simple people living simple lives. Farming and scraping a way through life, Knom had been a distracted and intolerable child. He would run off for hours on end, skip his chores and tarry off into the surrounding forest to go off on “adventures”. One day on a boyish adventure far from home, Knom stumbled upon a monestary. Intrigued he went in for a closer look, only to be snared by one of their hunting traps. His leg obvisously broken with lots of blood leaving his body, he was found near death by one of the monks. He was rushed to a room where an older monk by what seemed hundreds of years, stood over top of the young boy. When Knom woke and rose in his bed he found himself at home, in the village. His parents never told him how or who brought him back, only that they were doing his chores that he left behind to come home to him sleeping in his bed. Life for Knom wasn’t easy after that, his parents had a strong leash on him, never letting him leave into the forest. When Knom turned of age and was given the choice, he went off into the forest that he had run into so many times as a child. Only this time in search of real adventure, the yellow clad monks of the Monastery. He thought he owed nothing to his family that had mistreated him ever since he returned from that place so long ago. Fueled by a misguided and haphazard plan to find these monks, Knom was lost in the forest. For 3 days he never stopped searching, looking for the place that helped him as a chile so long ago. On the 8th day he collapsed from hunger and was dying when just before he blacked out a yellow clad monk rescued him, saying “you have found that which cannot be seen. rest now.”

Over the next 15 years Knom, who had now taken a vow of silence and renounced his family name, trained vigilantly and learned the martial arts. He had learned the ways of open and closed fist, in many different forms, and mastering the way of the monk. Piety and Strength of Will, were the two fundamentals he learned most of in his early time with these monk warriors. At the end of his training he had become a master in Martial Arts, Diplomatic debate, and religious fervour. He was then sent off in order to help quell evil from the land in whatever form it take. So for 5 years Knom travelled around the Empire and abroad to further his training and take on darkness. Until he stumbled upon one of the Touchstones of the Empire and found it under attack by Lammasu. Having met up with the adventurers in search of the 9 Swords, he decided to help them and thus began his journey of the 9 Swords.

Crab, God of Hate, granted the Fist his wish of touching all of the 9 swords if he killed one of his adventuring companions. Aziz took the ultimate sacrifice, believing in the Fist so greatly he offered his own life. The Fist whispered, “Thank you my friend, I will find you again.” And snapped Aziz’ neck than touching the 9 swords he was teleported to the Grandmaster of 9, Reshar, for the ultimate training. After 10 years of reverent study, the Fist was now ready to face his Reshar one final time. The ultimate lesson was death, with a single, unrestrained blow, Reshar killed the Fist. In order to complete his training and become the Grand Master he desired to be the Fist would have to regain passage to the Material Plane through the Celestial Plane. And so begins: To Heaven and Back

After arriving at the Gates of Mount Celestia, the Fist gained access by saying he was there to see Aziz, his once good friend, who had sacrificed himself in order for the Fist to achieve his goal. After traveling to the market he saw that there was an Angel granting eternal life if only someone could best him in combat. Cocky as the Fist had grown on the Material Plane, he tried his had at besting the Angel. Yet with one shot of a Death Arrow, the Fist was felled and was sent to the Gates once more. Not wasting time The Fist traversed the lands of Celestia, climbing mountains with ease and running great distances, he found a Monestary, not much different than the ones from his younger years. There he meditated for 7 days without stopping for food, rest and water. He was then sent through a forest that led to a mountain range. Once in the forest he saw a pool of silver water. A Halfling woman appeared and shared wisdom on current events. In the pool the Fist saw 5 heros of Hextor battling 5 heros of Heironeous atop two globes and the gods themselves fought above. He saw a Dwarf rip into the image and slay both Heironeous and his half-brother Hextor in their weakened state. After this revalation it was clear then to the Fist that the Dwarf he met all those years ago was vying for divinity. With the power and strength of the gods he has killed, he would go unchecked and grow more powerful than the already weakened gods. at the time it was unknown to the Fist who this Halfling was but he later learned that it was Yondalla herself! He would later pray at an alter for 8 hours to remedy his lack of reverence.

The forest trail led him to the enormous gate with creatures standing guard. The let him pass after finding out that the Fist has come to speak with the king who resisdes inside. The Fist had figured out at this point that the king was the All-Father of Dwavenkind him self, Moradin! In his sick-bed, dying from a lack of supporters on the Material Plance, Moradin had one last Divine Weapon made just for the Fist. Everlasting Peace it was called and with it the Fist could destroy his foes and bring peace to the universe. Moradin had one more gift for our Hero, the Fist was led into a chamber where statues of Heironeous were built. Under the largest of statues was a brazier that had burnt out. Not far from that were 3 items that belonged the once God of Valor. The item that the Fist chose was one that was closest to Heironeous body, his robes. Granting him somewhat god-like protection, he took Everlasting Peace and the Robes of Heironeous to the peak of the mountain.

Travelling the Grand Staircase were dais’ of all good aligned gods. Stopping to pay homage he knelt and prayed for guidance and courage to face the coming trials in stopped the Crab, or at the very least imprisoning him. It was at the top the this peak that the Fist had met an old friend, who had taken on another form. One of a Lantern Archon. Aziz vowed to help the Fist and purge the worlds of war and create a land of peace and tranquility for all. Stepping through the portal opened by the Gods, the Fist and Aziz arrived in the Capital, with banners of a hardened Crimson Fist on a field of Yellow, some 200 years later the Fist would later find out.

The Fist’s next journey led him to the Crystal Palace, where he would face Shadow, and old enemy from Saltmarsh.

To Heaven and Back

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