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The site is a work in progress and intends to contain a full record of the events which have unfolded and will continue to unfold in this world. Plus any other fun stuff related to our games. Start by reading this page to get a feel for the world, than head over to the Wiki Main Page and read the current events. Or if you want to catch up on everything in the world go to the Timeline for a brief history of the world. From the wiki feel free to explore the different adventures, locations and characters, and fill in anything you notice is missing (you will even be rewarded with XP in game for it!)

War Is Never Quenched

From the port city of Saltmarsh to the ancient sands of the Empire to the far reaches of the Sword Coast, war rages on. Be it when Count Strahd has begun turning the people of Ravenloft into zombies or when creatures of the dark find a hidden threat in the shadows of Oldshome, war is there. We follow in war’s wake and where there is potential for conflict, we will be found, exploring into the deepest places of all worlds to find the nature of the beast and whisper a foreboding promise, “I’ll kill it.”

A History of Violence Epic_battle_craig_mullins.jpg

It started as two random characters following a young boys stolen dinner, it turned into an epic tale of two port cities, dozens of heroes, and two random characters challenging the gods.

Now one of those characters is hunting down the gods one by one and plunging the world into darkness. A champion has risen to face him but such an endeavour is not done by the works of one man alone. Scores of heroes play their part in the greatest tale ever weaved and an eternal struggle between mortals and gods, good and evil, and order and chaos.