The Beetles from Mechanus

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This is a rough outline of what happened in this session from Pearl’s notebook.


After meeting the party and getting to know them just a little bit better, I have learned that they do indeed intend on fighting the evil that plagues this land. Although I sense evil in Sadine’s soul I feel this fight against the sorcerer Zargathrax, is one of Light vs. Darkness. Sadine has chosen Light, or so it seems now. We decided to venture to Dundee, Fife’s Capital City before the fall of Fife. Pearl told us that should Good aligned people walk into Dundee it would tip Zargathrax into our whereabouts. Something we did not want him knowing. At that point Sadine heard the chattering of mechanical beetles, and we decided to follow. Digging through the Earth we encountered many different types of these machinations, until we found what seemed then to be their leader. A Platinum plated beetle shot lighting at us and our new friend, Christian’s tutor, took the brunt of that damage. Fighting these pests was no test of mettle but of endurance as they kept coming through the walls at us. After a few moments of clashing steel a Devil ripped into the Material Plane right beside Facto, and me. Not wasting any time I swung Khaza-Goor right into the Devil’s flaming skin. Burning myself with each strike, I dug deeper and deeper into his flesh. A pure hatred, something Facto and I have in common. After some help from our new friend, the Devil was disintegrated into nothing and another notch goes up for another dead Outsider. We ventured forward and found a room with little cubby holes for what I assumed at first as resting places. We moved to another hall-way where one side of the hall was granite walls. Realizing strength wouldn’t win this fight against the wall, Pearl softened the wall and burrowed through. A room filled with these Machinations, and in the center a lone warrior. After a quick Tongues spell Pearl begins chattering and clicking just like the beetles and their master. She talks it into helping us against the rise of evil in the south, and I made a silent pack to send these Evil constructs back to the ever turning Wheels of Mechanus.

I would rest easy this night, having slain a Devil and vowing to slay the rest of the evils that plague this land, and would further plague it once Zargathrax was gone.

The Beetles from Mechanus

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