The Blind Balor

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This is a rough outline of what happened in this session from Pearl’s notebook.


Having come back the Mechanical Beetles to find out friend Bogden, at camp where we left our note. He has said that he went to further investigate the Forest. To no avail unfortunately. My companions have figured out that I have been leaving camp to convene with Alohanna, my trusted friend and colleague. For now, that is all they need to know. We decided to ask the Warriors of Unst for gold, for Pearl, and some other gold for magical supplies that will help us against the Balor we set off to fight. I met with Thane, the leader of the Warriors of Crail and he is a warrior of unequal in these lands. I have grown to respect him as a leader and warrior for his people. He led us to the Chamber of Mirror and Fire, where the Balor watches guard. My truest test of my life is before me. The Balor, the epitome of my Order’s hatred, the foe we wish to destroy in the Hells of Abyss. I travelled to Celestia, to my Order’s Headquarters to find information on True Names, for this particular Demon. To no avail. We headed against the Balor, and we rushed in. Taking minimal fire damage from him, we lost a great many friends that fight. Peppering the Balor with Prismatic Rays, Adrial contested the beast but was overcome by the fires of Hell. In the same fight, Facto lost his head to the Vorpal Blade of the Balor, which was then turned to stone from an errant Prismatic Ray. He was resurrected soon after his head was lopped off. I dug my axe Kharza-Grunak into the Balors ribs, and let it do it’s work, as I sheathed my pride, Khaza-Goor! May have been the Holy Light of my weapon, or the shear force of the Huge Bears our friend Bogden set out, but the Balor took flight. Calling Alohanna back into the fight, she took me right to the Balor as I rammed my Lance into the foe’s chest, and once again brandishing Khaza-Goor. Before I could lash out my final attack, death touched my neck, twice. On the second dance with death I swung with all my might and with a cacophonous blast, the Balor exploded. sending me down to my death, Alohanna, perished to the 7 Mounting Heavens, to be with her mate, Daedryk. My heart saddens to remember her passing, but I remember how hard she fought and the tenacity in out crusade of hatred against Outsider kind. She will not be forgotten and the funeral ceremony will commence after we have dealt with the Dragon who had this Balor protect his gate.

The Blind Balor

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