Tridasha Pantheon

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The pantheon most closely related to the Elder Gods, perhaps even holding some of their secrets. This pantheon focused on knowledge and understanding of the multiverse. That is not to say they do not know the ways of war but in fact know it even more as the search for understanding all things includes combat and death. The gods themselves being constantly challenged, though never in real danger from the Asuras and the Rakshasas.

Tridasha Demigods include the Rishis, wise men who have grown so wise and close to the elder gods that from a peaceful, open state of mind that they have not gone insane from the experience but instead gained immortality from it.

  • Marichi, wise man, one of the Rishis
  • Atri, wise man, one of the Rishis
  • Angiras, wise man, one of the Rishis
  • Pulastya, wise man, one of the Rishis
  • Pulaha, wise man, one of the Rishis
  • Kratu, wise man, one of the Rishis
  • Vashistha, wise man, one of the Rishis
  • Narada, keeper of the elder gods secrets, greatest among the Rishis
  • Brihaspati, perceiver of gods
  • Shukra, perceiver of demons
  • Agastya, first mortal to discover the gods

Tridasha Intermediate deities are Vishnu’s servants. They carry out his will in the multiverse so he does not have to intervene himself.

  • Agni, the “Fire” god
  • Vāyu, the “Wind” god
  • Dyauṣ, the “Sky” god
  • Pṛthivī, the “Earth” god
  • Sūrya, the “Sun” god
  • Soma, the “Moon” god
  • Aha, the “Atmosphere” or “Space” god
  • Dhruva, the god of the “Stars”

Tridasha Greater deities rules over their worshipers in the same way other deities from other pantheons do, receiving worship and offering aid. They are neutral gods and do not quarrel over good and evil or law and chaos but try to maintain the balance created by the elder gods while assisting mortals in their journey to enlightenment.


  • Vritra, leader of the Asuras
  • Ravana, chief of the Rakshasas

Tridasha Pantheon

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